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Win public tenders in Denmark

The public Danish market makes purchases for around 50 billion € every year. Not all tenders are published and allow submission in English. So, a large part of the market is only available in the Danish language. Do you want a share of this? If so, Shipley can help you!

Shipley Denmark helps you win public tenders in Denmark. We are proposal specialists and can help you to set the winning strategy, make competitor comparisons, write value-added proposal texts, reviews, etc.  Sometimes we help our clients in making crucial bid/no bid decisions. We know what is required to win.

It is easy to enter the public Danish market

Tender processes in Denmark vary depending on the applicable regulation. However, the general processes follows the EU regulations and ESPD – Electronic Single Procurement Document – is widely used. This means that processes are transparent and foreign bidders are welcome and sometime even encouraged by the procurement agencies to submit proposals.

All proposals are digital and are submitted in digital portals. You need however, local and cultural understanding of what is required. This is particularly important in responding to the requirements, Q&A sessions as well as negotiation processes. Many public purchasers lack the necessary language skills and most evaluations are made in Danish. This is where Shipley can help you.

Shipley Denmark helps you win business

Your bid team will get access to over 45 years globally acquired proposal development experience and we have helped companies to write winning proposals in the Nordics for nearly 20 years. We can help you write proposals in local languages and even submit them on your behalf.

Our work is based on the Shipley model, the world’s leading proposal model, spread around the world, and in some business areas even considered as the “industry standard”. Our consultants are senior, Shipley-certified and multi-lingual. We have a broad work experience as Strategic Capture Managers, Bid Managers, Project Managers, etc. Our office is based north of Copenhagen with our consultants spread around the country. We work digitally and are looking forward to discussing your next public Danish contract with you. Contact us for more information.